What are they building??

We see some of Mr. Bitey’s henchmen here, building something suspicious! Although we cannot be sure what the device will be used for, it is almost certain they are up to no good. Welding with firey torches, and employing riffraff, Mr. Bitey and his crew are seen here plotting. Do you dare you try to stop them?

Here we see the supplies - rusty and dangerous.

Mr. Bitey's second in command. Stay back!

A close-up of the device - what do you think it is?

Here they are, proud of their evil-doings

Plants from another planet

Mr. Bitey has always been surrounded by a select group of odd and mysterious characters. Today we take a time lapse into years past, when we were heavily studying the activities of the residents on Greenbriar Blvd, in Boulder, Colorado for their possible involvement with our suspect. Here we see some rare and obviously extra-terrestrial vegitation, which grew so large, somehow, in the usually infertile clays of Colorado dirt. Be amazed at their girth, and marvel at the people who cultivated them.

art and susan candee- accomplices

See the martian-like atmosphere around these horticulturalists

The harvest

Harvesting their unnatural experiments with nature

squash from mars

Squash from Pluto?

Ultimately, the giant travesties of nature became too much for the group, and they decided to use one of the most popular Martian harvesting tools. This contraption, cleverly disguised as a common sled, is used to  transport unusually large plants and goods across the desert landscapes of Mars.

martian pumpkin harvest

Martian harvesting tools

Only time will tell if this almost relic-like evidence will help us in our search for Mr. Bitey, but one thing is for sure – something strange is going on, and we need to continue to document it to even try to understand it. Stay tuned.

Charlie, An Evil Cohort, or Innocent Bystander?

Charlie Border Collie Australian Shepherd

Our subject: Charlie. Merely a sweet, innocent creature, or a secret spy for Mr. Bitey? We have been gathering evidence on Charlie for the last 4 years. Our undercover photographers have brought some strange and conflicting evidence to our attention.

friend or foe?

The subject: Appears to be obedient...

dog and parrot

Plays well with others

cute dog

Puppy dog eyes: cute or staged?

dog licking butt

Here he is caught licking his butt!

border collie with a stick

Obviously Insane.

dog playing with a ball

A little too into that ball....

super dog

Super-dog Powers?

basket ball dog

Destruction of an Innocent Basketball

Here is a very rare photo, which has caught a glimpse through his disguise. Here we can see his abnormal coloring, and his effect on the atmosphere around him. Disturbing evidence indeed.

crazy dog


You decide.