Plants from another planet

Mr. Bitey has always been surrounded by a select group of odd and mysterious characters. Today we take a time lapse into years past, when we were heavily studying the activities of the residents on Greenbriar Blvd, in Boulder, Colorado for their possible involvement with our suspect. Here we see some rare and obviously extra-terrestrial vegitation, which grew so large, somehow, in the usually infertile clays of Colorado dirt. Be amazed at their girth, and marvel at the people who cultivated them.

art and susan candee- accomplices

See the martian-like atmosphere around these horticulturalists

The harvest

Harvesting their unnatural experiments with nature

squash from mars

Squash from Pluto?

Ultimately, the giant travesties of nature became too much for the group, and they decided to use one of the most popular Martian harvesting tools. This contraption, cleverly disguised as a common sled, is used to  transport unusually large plants and goods across the desert landscapes of Mars.

martian pumpkin harvest

Martian harvesting tools

Only time will tell if this almost relic-like evidence will help us in our search for Mr. Bitey, but one thing is for sure – something strange is going on, and we need to continue to document it to even try to understand it. Stay tuned.

Strange Sightings in Taos, New Mexico

New Mexico has always been a suspicious place for extra-terrestrial activity. Here one of our photographers on the trail of Mr. Bitey has some interesting finds and documentations.


Strange animals, ready to attack

Among the many oddities, we came across some local shops, full of wonders and goods for sale.

New mexico

A strange woman guarding the door...

dog bones

Petrified Creatures

Dare you eat here?

Our daring photographer also documented the various types of transportation used here. The range is wide, as you can see.

An oddly painted vehicle and passenger

We have also studied the people our photographer was following in persuit of Mr. Bitey. Please contact the authorities if you have seen any of these likenesses, as they are wanted for questioning.

One of Mr. Bitey's minions