Charlie, An Evil Cohort, or Innocent Bystander?

Charlie Border Collie Australian Shepherd

Our subject: Charlie. Merely a sweet, innocent creature, or a secret spy for Mr. Bitey? We have been gathering evidence on Charlie for the last 4 years. Our undercover photographers have brought some strange and conflicting evidence to our attention.

friend or foe?

The subject: Appears to be obedient...

dog and parrot

Plays well with others

cute dog

Puppy dog eyes: cute or staged?

dog licking butt

Here he is caught licking his butt!

border collie with a stick

Obviously Insane.

dog playing with a ball

A little too into that ball....

super dog

Super-dog Powers?

basket ball dog

Destruction of an Innocent Basketball

Here is a very rare photo, which has caught a glimpse through his disguise. Here we can see his abnormal coloring, and his effect on the atmosphere around him. Disturbing evidence indeed.

crazy dog


You decide.