Who Is Mr. Bitey ??

Mr. Bitey. A mysterious character who has taken many names, has many faces, and has been sighted all over the world. We are dedicated to unlocking the ever expanding secrets or Mr. Bitey through amazing action and on scene photography and exhilarating tales that will leave you breathless, flabbergasted, and confused. Be prepared.

Study his bizarre habits, see the world through his eyes, read amazing eye witness accounts, and more. His journeys on this planet, through time and space, may just shatter your very notions of normalcy.

Beware: browsing through our library can have a hypnotic and sometimes addictive effect. If you should start to feel dizzy, light-headed or strange in any way, please proceed with caution and make sure you have plenty of battery power in your laptop, phone or device to avoid sudden withdrawal, which can be very dangerous indeed.